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Sarah Palin spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday, and she gave a little shout-out to the College Republicans in the process. That is, when she wasn’t too busy slurping up her Big Gulp that she swore was “just pop.” We don’t want to start a conspiracy theory, but since we’re pretty sure everyone else is already thinking it, we suspect that maybe it wasn’t just soda. Although, to her credit, it does seem as though she was just trying to be funny and in the process unintentionally acted a little drunk. Clearly, her Big Gulp was a reference to the failed soda ban (she even references Michael Bloomberg and points out that it has “low cal ice cubes” in it.) Okay, Sarah Palin. We’ll give you that one. It was kind of funny.

We wish we had more to say about this video, really. But she spent most of it drinking soda, so, there’s really not much to talk about. She did say that she’s really proud of the College Republicans and joked around about the contents of her “pop” (at least she could poke fun at herself?) And she gave some great (read: funny) advice: “You gotta be thinking Sam Adams, not drinking Sam Adams.” We’re sure the College Republicans are doing both, so, no worries there. Check out the video below:

Also, for your viewing pleasure, we made this incredibly awkward gif of Ms. Palin sipping on her Big Gulp:

Sarah Palin Big Gulp College Republicans

What do you think of Sarah Palin’s speech to the college republicans?