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YouTuber ScottBradleeLovesYa is at it again. You may remember that we highlighted the YouTube sensation’s work last month. Rapid-fire recap: Bradlee takes ’90s Saturday morning cartoon theme songs and transforms them into R&B-style slow jams. We were first mesmerized by his April rendition of the “Duck Tales” theme song, which made us laugh, lip sync, and then promptly search the internet for online downloads of the classic children’s show. This week’s jam is a throwback similarly crafted from sheer genius: a sultry, soulful rendition of the “Gummi Bears” theme song so catchy, you won’t stop tapping your hand against your computer mouse (and then pulling the cursor to rewind the video…just one last time, I promise). You may even consider adding this instant hit to your YouTube playlist. Drake, The Lumineers, Gummi Bears– it’s all the same, right?

Vibrant vocalist Andromeda rocks this week’s theme song remake to a whole new level, making the cartoon opener into a four-minute ballad with half a dozen modulations. Talk about an upgrade. Her voice is as dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly as the gummi bears themselves. (Get it?)

With more than 300 comments posted in just three days, Bradlee’s newest video is getting considerable online attention. Of course one viewer commented, “Gummi Bears had a theme? I didn’t know that!” but we will ignore the little people; we appreciate your work, Bradlee! Sure, the videos may be another procrastination goldmine, but we appreciate them nonetheless. Keep the slow jams comin’ and the cartoon throwbacks flowin’.

Which cartoon theme song do you want Bradlee to cover next?