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We all know texting while driving is dangerous, but we continue to walk while texting as if its no big deal. Just imagine: you’re walking down a busy street, fingers tapping away at your screen when a bus hits you out of nowhere. (And that’s how Regina George died.) Just kidding! But really, you could get seriously hurt, be it by the angry New York taxi driver who barrels around the corner or the pothole you didn’t see in front of you. Improv Everywhere partnered up with BuzzFeed to, uh… fix this problem.

And by fix, of course, we mean make a huge deal out of it in an absolutely hilarious way. They had a crowd of people to help them out, of course, as always. Half the group played fake Department of Transportation “seeing eye people” wearing orange vests and a leash. The other half had the job of holding on to the leash while texting and following the seeing eye peoples’ lead. This garnered a lot of attention as onlookers were shocked (even the police were surprised) and amused. Then, later on in the day, Improv Everywhere struck again by offering their seeing eye person services to actual people (not participants) who were texting while walking. Some were good sports, others ran away.

At the end of the day, they got some people to stop focusing so much on their phones and take notice of other things happening around them. Plus, they made onlookers (and everyone on the Internet) laugh. Sounds like a win-win to us! Check out the hilarious videos below.

And part 2: