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Okay so sometimes we like to pretend that we are adults, but we totally are not. Nothing excites us more than the idea of free lunch, and we have no idea how taxes work we just know we have to pay them or we will be hunted and killed. Thank God that Blockbuster went out of business because we thought it was super adult to open up our own accounts but it was definitely not adult to never return the movies on time.

As always, BuzzFeed gets it. We all like to pretend we are adults but we totally aren’t. Come on, everyone knows you aren’t an adult until you’re at least 27. Maybe even 30 in some situations. Do you still laugh when something ends in “69” or someone says “duty”? Yeah, not an adult. Do you have a rolling chair at work? Then you know you are racing it. It’s not a bad thing that you are not an adult yet, but we want you to know that if you are showing even just a few of these signs then you are not by any means an adult yet. We know, it’s hard. But who wants to be one anyway? They seem super boring.

Check out the video below and check off all the ones that apply. Did you check all of them off too? So did we. Welcome to the fake adults club. Membership: everyone under the age of 27 3/4.

Do you show any signs of not being an adult?