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Saturday Night Live hosted its 2014 Halloween episode this past weekend and it was AWESOME.  Iggy Azalea was the musical guest while Jim Carrey hosted and proved to be a hilarious addition to just about every single sketch he was a part of. There was a Carrey family reunion sketch where many of the cast members dressed up as classic characters from memorable movies that the actor has been in, like Ace Ventura and The Mask. Carrey even did a hilarious parody mocking Matthew McConaughey and his strange Lincoln commercials that he’s been doing lately.

This episode sounds like it was pretty solid so far, right? Well it gets better. Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon dressed up as Dance Mom’s Maddie Ziegler from Sia’s Chandelier music video. So yeah, that means Jim Carrey was wearing a nude leotard with a short blonde-banged wig. Carrey and McKinnon’s characters showed up to their office Halloween costume party contest wearing the same thing. Tension was evident, so naturally they had to settle the winner the only way they knew how: a dance off. The two child-dancer impersonators started their competition on the set and then made their way to making the entire studio 8H their dance floor. They frolicked around the audience and made stops on other sets, jumping, skipping, and trying their best to dance like Maddie Z. They even bumped into Iggy Azalea, also dressed in the skin-colored leotard and wig, for a hot second.

This SNL Halloween episode is one that you need to watch, especially this dance off scene. We won’t give away who won the contest because, well, that’s no fun. We hope you enjoy their dance moves as much as we did!

Who should win the dance off?