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Star Trek Into Darkness, the much-anticipated latest film in the Star Trek franchise, was finally released! Naturally, this was fodder for Jimmy Kimmel, who can’t resist creating (usually) hilarious parodies of anything and everything happening in pop culture. (Remember Movie: The Movie 2V? Yeah.) Jimmy started off his latest parody with a short monologue about how movie producers often attempt to reach out to audiences outside of their anticipated fanbase – for example, he points out, most people who like Star Trek are men, leaving out women, and more importantly, people who prefer indie films. (Are you listening, hipsters?!) And so, Jimmy did what he does best and introduced his trailer for Trekking, the indie version of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Watching Jimmy’s hipsteriffic faux trailer, one would hardly notice that it has anything to do with space, but rather, the daily trials and tribulations of being a 20-something indie-lover. But, who cares about space when you’re too busy complaining about your office job and eating raw vegan food ironically? Nobody!

While the concept of Trekking is absolutely hilarious, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the real movie is better. (If we’re being honest, we’d rather stick to the original Star Trek TV series – here’s looking at you, George Takei – but, the movie franchise is great too.) Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s hipster-fied trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness below and be sure to see the real movie (out in theaters now!)

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