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Documenting your study abroad journey can be tricky.  Some people keep journals, some people take about a million photos, and others try to be a little more creative.  A bunch of the girls I studied abroad with took pictures of themselves holding signs that when viewed together spelled out “Thanks Mom and Dad For Letting Me See the World,” or something like that, and put all the pictures into a collage for their parents.  Pretty cute idea.  Whatever strategy you choose, it is nice to have some way to remember your foreign adventures years later, because let’s face it, you might not even have remembered half of your adventures the day after.

A student at Dartmouth College, Jake Gaba, documented his semester in China in a way that puts all other study abroad Scrapbooks, blogs, etc. to shame.  Wherever in China Gaba went, he danced.  And not just a few dance moves here and there, he danced like nobody was watching.  While his dancing skills probably won’t land him a spot in any Top 40 music videos or anything, they made his video diary amazing.  Not only are his dance moves killer, the video itself is extremely interesting and well-put together.  I especially like the parts where the video quickly transitions between multiple parts of China, and Gaba is still doing the same dance move in perfect sync.  Beyond impressive.  I also thought the song choice, Bruno Mars’ Treasure was less than stellar, but as the video progressed I realized it is actually the perfect song for this endeavor.  I wonder if he picked the song before or after he rocked out all over China? I also wonder how many times he washed those shorts.

If you have any taste at all, you will probably love this video. Check it out:

 Would you dance your way across a foreign country?