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We know we’ve been all spring break-centric here but we haven’t forgot about the horror that goes with it – spring break also means midterms are here. Spring break is basically just a welcome distraction from the fact that, when you get back to campus from home/the beach/wherever, it’ll be just in time for you to take exams. Yay!

College is a breeding ground for all things procrastination-related, but having midterms after spring break is like hitting the all-time procrastination low. (Seriously, why can’t professors schedule exams for before spring break? Now that would be awesome.) We’ve all been there and we all know that as hard as it is to write a paper on a random Wednesday night, it’s basically 20 times harder to study for exams/write papers/do take home tests/what have you while eating Ramen noodles, when you just got back from lounging by the pool with a drink in hand or spending a week in your pajamas, sleeping in and eating home cooked meals.

Now, before you can get your work done, you, as a college student, are obligated to procrastinate (and even if you weren’t, you’d be doing it anyway.) But procrastination isn’t that simple. There are a few steps involved. Luckily, we found mylifeisjo‘s YouTube channel. In this hilarious video, he breaks down the steps of procrastinating, including napping, eating everything you can find, YouTubing for hours and getting a little crazy with your iTunes library. In other words, this video is perfect and we love it.

Happy midterms, everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor! And if you’re on a beach somewhere right now, just know that we’re super jealous. Ugh.

Are you on spring break or studying for midterms? Tell us below!