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Have you recently felt like your internet was slow? Maybe you need a reminder of the days of dial-up and when people said “What’s a web page? Something ducks walk on?” We have really come a long way with the internet, and sometimes we forget that with our fast paced lifestyles and our frustration in waiting for a page to load.  We’re getting nostalgic watching these teens react to a 1997 tutorial about how to use the internet. Back in the day we used to use the computer solely for games like Freddi Fish (the Case of the Stolen Conch was always exciting) and, but in this instructional guide we learn about email and how to for information about Egypt for a school project!

But these teens bring up a lot of good points in their reactions as they watch; such as how little we know about something we use so much in our every day lives and how impatient we are when it comes to the speed of an image loading on a page or moving from one website to the next. Darius reminds us in the video that “we take the things we have for granted nowadays” and that interactions with friends online and free email have not always been at our disposal and so easily accessible.

This is not supposed to be some sort of preach to the choir, but in all the humor that this instructional video about the internet has, it also reminds us of our culture’s reliance on the accessibility and speed of the internet and what potential there is for the future. The teens’ reactions to the 90’s video is almost as entertaining as the video itself and the shock value it has on them: as if the world could have ever been like this before they were alive.

Just remember “Surf’s up, see you on the net!” when you add your next friend on Facebook. Check out other videos of teen reactions by TheFineBros for some more laughs and nostalgia!

What was your reaction to the ’90s internet video?