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We all know that most girls post pics of their dogs, food, sunsets, and lots of selfies on Instagram, but how often do we see guys on Instagram? Yeah, there are tons of guys who use Instagram, but they seem to use it a little differently than the ladies do. According to YouTuber YoMuscleBoii, there are 5 types of guys on Instagram, and we have to admit that while we initially thought that this video would be stupid (especially with a name like YoMuscleBoii – sorry dude!), we were very, very wrong. Their video is pretty much dead on.

So who are the five types of guys on Instagram? Well, they may or may not include hipsters, fitness-obsessed guys, guys who post “deep” inspirational things, wannabe gangstas, and self-obsessed bros. Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so. This video is so accurate (which is sad, because it is very stereotypical, complete with Dawson’s Creek music, weird filters, strange wigs, and a lot of ridiculous hashtags – #broccoli #proteinshake anyone?) and so hilarious that we just had to share it with you. But we guarantee that if you’ve seen a guy (elusive creatures when it comes to this app!) on Instagram, he fits into one of these categories. If not, he probably doesn’t post any pics and just follows girls and likes their pictures. (Instagram’s like the new Myspace, y’all!)

Check out the video and think about it: do you know anyone like the guys in the video?

Have you seen the 5 types of guys on Instagram?