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I have to admit it – I’m guilty of referring to GIFs out loud as, well, GIFs. But, that ends today, because apparently, they’re pronounced “JIF” and it’s a really big deal – to the inventor of the GIF, Steve Wilhite, at least.


Stop it. It’s not funny. This is serious business, guys.

GIFs, (short for Graphics Interchange Format in case you didn’t know!) are all those animated images you love to reblog on Tumblr. (Psh, you already knew that.) So now it’s time to educate yourselves, people. Before you add another image to your GIFs folder, you need to learn how to pronounce it properly. It’s “JIF” –  like the peanut butter, but not as nutty. Speaking of which, here’s an awesome GIF from Mashable to help you remember it:


But, in case you really have trouble remembering and you’d rather have something a little catchier (like a song!) to help you memorize the correct pronunciation, you’re in luck. YouTuber Jonathan Mann made a song about it, starring Steve Wilhite and all your favorite GIFs! So, sing along and learn the right way to say it.

Personally, I’m on team GIF, but for the sake of being correct I guess I’ll just have to change my ways.

Are you on team GIF or team JIF? Let us know!