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It’s April 1st and we’re pretty sure you all know what that means – it’s April Fools Day! The one day of the year when it is perfectly acceptable to prank your friends (innocently) without getting in trouble (that is, unless you have really awesome understanding friends who don’t care if you prank them all year long – then you are incredibly lucky!) If you’re even luckier, you can even prank your coworkers/boss/professors – but only if you are absolutely certain that it is okay and they will find it funny (and it is totally harmless; please use caution, okay?!)

We could’ve posted some crazy prank videos today (and we definitely did think about it quite a bit) but we figured, it’s our job to keep you informed and now is our chance to educate you on the history/origins of April Fools Day. Plus we have the help of this wonderful video, so here goes nothin’. Besides, you can spend all day looking at prank videos on YouTube but now you’ll have a little background on the occasion to go with them.

In any case, if you’ve ever had any questions about April Fools Day, this video probably has the answers. So check it out, get your pranks ready, and remember: only wrap your roommate’s entire side of the room in wrapping paper if you know he/she won’t try to get revenge…

Will you be pranking anyone this April Fools Day?