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Napping: you’re doing it wrong! Put away the Red Bull, the espresso, and the Mountain Dew to power through finals week. Instead, power nap your way through. YouTubers AsapSCIENCE provide their viewers with a “weekly dose of fun and interesting science” – explaining tons of things like “Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol,” “Why Do We Blush” and “The Science of Morning Wood.” Being that it’s finals week, it’s the perfect time to share their video “The Scientific Power of Naps.” According to the video, if you take a power nap properly, you’ll get more of an energy boost than you would from caffeine. Just don’t oversleep or you’ll feel even worse when you wake up.

An excuse to sleep? Sounds good to us! Learn how to take the perfect power nap below.

Know any other caffeine-free ways to power through finals? Let us know!