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As college students (well, 21 and over college students, because we are appropriate here at CampusRiot) you have probably found yourself Google-ing “hangover cures” on any given Saturday or Sunday morning, probably after a particularly rough game of beer pong. You’re no stranger to the tons of folk remedies there are for hangovers, and you’ve probably tried them all. But unless you’re a science major or a huge science buff, you probably haven’t actually thought about what causes the dreaded hangover.

And that is where the wonderful, fast-talking Hank Green comes in! On his newest episode of SciShow, Hank explains the scientific causes of hangovers, breaking it down into three steps: Dehydration, Acetaldehyde Overload, and step 3, The Congener Connection. We know you already know about dehydration, but you probably don’t know all the ins-and-outs of the other two steps. Plus, now you can have all the facts about the chemistry behind alcohol and what it does to your body – did you know that alcohol contains acetone? (AKA paint thinner or to the ladies, nail polish remover!) Ew.

Now that you have learned all about alcohol and how hangovers actually happen, Hank has some suggestions for how to cure your hangover – the only thing is, most of them won’t work completely, they’ll only help a little. The only real cure to a hangover is time, unfortunately.

Check out the video below (and don’t eat salty bananas! Thanks, Hank.)

How do you cure your hangovers? Tell us below!