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“OH MY GOD! How hard is it to fill the Brita when you’re finished with it?”

“I take out the trash like almost half the time!”

Have you ever wanted to say something like this to your roommate? Of course you have, everyone has. The thing about having roommates though is that you cannot say to them every little thing that crosses your mind. If you did this, you would be an awful person and no one would want to live with you. Which actually, could solve the roommate problem, but we still don’t recommend it.

The funny people over at College Humor have a made a video that centers around all those little, ridiculous things you want to say to your roommate, but don’t. Like when you walk in hoping the place is empty, but they are sitting on the couch. When you forget your keys and they have the audacity to not be inside waiting for you. You never think that they are thinking the same things about you, but they totally are. It just comes with the territory of living with someone else. You share a space you share a life, and the little things get annoying. It doesn’t matter how much you love the person: sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing pants so maybe it is time for their parents to go home now. You know?

This video is hilarious because it is so spot on. So check it out, watch it with your roommate, and have a laugh. We all need one.

Now go take out the trash.

What do you wish you could say to your roommate?