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Maybe you’re already sick of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” or maybe you’re still loving it (we’re kind of on the fence – love the song, hate how often we hear it.) Either way, we know you can appreciate a good song parody now and then. Even better when it’s one that you can relate to, right? So engineering majors everywhere (but particularly from Purdue University) – this one’s for you. This is for all of those long nights studying, and doing math (props to you for picking that course of study – we know we couldn’t handle it!) This is engineering.

Seriously. Engineering students at Purdue must really be feeling “Thrift Shop” still because they recently made a truly awesome video parodying it called “This is Engineering” with newly revamped lyrics that describe all of the trials and tribulations of the engineering program at Purdue (and really, everywhere.)

We’ve seen some great parodies before but this one is definitely one of our favorites. The lyrics are creative and funny, the video is full of swag (don’t judge us for using that word, okay?) and everything is just well done in general. We’re just left wondering one thing: if they’re really engineering majors – how did they have the time to make this video?

What do you think of this “Thrift Shop” parody?