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Let’s face it: dating in college? Not so easy. And it’s definitely not a fairytale like all those Disney movies made us believe it would be. It’s almost impossible to find your Prince Charming or your princess, especially in a world full of creepers and weirdos. So what do millenials do when they can’t find someone on campus? They turn to online dating. More specifically, they turn to Tinder (because OK Cupid is hard, okay guys?)

So what happens when you take those Disney movies we loved so much as children and update them to reflect what our romantic lives are looking like these days? You get Tinderella. (Yes, that is the perfect Cinderella meets the real world pun. Thank you, College Humor. Thank you.) Tinderella is the picky, 2014 version of our beloved Cinderella, and sh’s constantly swiping left on her Tinder app, until one day she finds her equally picky college Prince named Princeton (not the school, people.) They IM and decide to meet up at a bar, where they fall in love over a dropped iPhone.

And then they have a one night stand, because apparently, that’s how 20-somethings live happily ever after. By never actually speaking to each other again.

If you want a good laugh and aren’t afraid to have your childhood dreams crushed, you should totally check out the video below.

What do you think of Tinderella?