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Today’s video of the day had me cracking up.  I think it’s because I know SO many people who simply cannot live life without posting on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  I have a friend that take pictures of her food all the time, she tries to get a picture of both of our meals together but by the time she’s ready to take a picture, I’m already halfway done my meal.  I know a lot of people that also put everything on social media sites, Snapchat included.  I mean everything, they may have nothing to take pictures of or record so they record themselves talking and post it to their story.  I don’t know, to each his own, but the madness has got to stop.  I will admit, I post quite often on social media sites.  I like to think that I only post cool or important things but I’m sure some people will disagree.  This clip features Troian Bellisario, from Pretty Little Liars, going through an Instagram intervention.  It’s pretty hilarious because although exaggerated, it is scary accurate.  Troian’s friends in the clip challenge her to a day without her phone so she can’t take pictures to post on Instagram and she has a breakdown.  I think many people would have a similar reaction.  Her friends repeatedly tell her, “living not the likes.” That line kind of opened up my eyes a bit and I hope it helps out some others that live similarly.  So if you want to laugh and learn a lesson, check out this great video!