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Ah, instant ramen: the college staple when you run out of food money. In fact, I just had instant ramen last night (sigh). When finals are getting overwhelming and all you want is your food to be easily prepared for you, you might get a little creative! UC Davis grad Chris Johnson created a special bowl to improve instant ramen. I know, I don’t know how he did it either. The Rapid Ramen Cooker uses less water to cook your dry noodles, which means you can use less of the seasoning — added health benefit, since that means you are lowering your sodium intake with this rather unhealthy meal! Just throw your ramen in the bowl, add some water and seasoning, pop it in the microwave, and 4 minutes later, done! His invention attracted the folks over at Wal-Mart and is now being sold locally. You can watch the video below!

UC Davis Grad's Special Ramen Bowl Is Now Sold at Walmart

We always appreciate entrepreneurship, especially when it meets a specific need. I wonder how well it will work on other types of ramen, though? I haven’t had Top Ramen in months.

What do you think of Chris Johnson’s instant ramen invention?