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You (might have) heard it here first! Well, probably not, considering the video was launched a week ago. Myspace just released a brand new teaser showcasing a brand new look to the formerly wildly popular social network. (Did most kids starting college even have a Myspace account at this point? I may be showing my age. Though not really.) The New Myspace teaser video feels like a heavy Justin Timberlake movie and music promotion video, but it really showcases a flexible, flowing design that has got designers drooling over the new user interface.

New Myspace

According to the company, the entertainment-focused service is starting all over, being rebuilt “entirely from scratch.” You even have to sign up at their landing page,, to get a beta entry at an undisclosed time. My question: will this sleek new design entice heavy social network users like college students to make a new account? I guess you’ll have to check this video out to make your decision.

 Will you sign up for a new Myspace account?