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This morning, we stumbled upon this video from Reverse Cowboys, and we have to wonder: has college distorted our lives so much that we don’t know how to date anymore? We’re so used to “dates” being more like dorm room Netflix sessions (or drunken makeout sessions), or eating at the cafeteria together (with friends around), or going to the bar (with friends around) that it seems we’ve forgotten what a real date actually is. You know, where you go out and do something fun with your person of interest, just the two of you, and get to know each other/enjoy each other’s company/etc. That’s how it works in real life, anyway. Or, how it used to.

This video is kind of like the aftermath of our college-fueled dating distortion. A girl and a guy meet in yoga class, and said guy asks said girl out on a date. GASP! Yes, a date. And their friends are both A) shocked beyond belief, B) disgusted, and C) ready to give a lot of unwanted “dating advice.” Dating advice. About not going out on a date. Because that makes sense. The girl and guy in question find this strange and ignore their friends’ warnings, excitedly planning their date (the traditional “dinner and a movie”) anyway.

But that’s not all! There’s a hilarious surprise twist at the end, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out…

How do you deal with unwanted dating advice? Do you even date anymore? What is dating? College, what have you done to our love lives?!