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Do you ever wonder how your parents made plans with friends when they were younger? How they were able to meet up at the mall without the ability to text “c u @ food court in 10”? Or how they figured out where they were before cellphones with built in GPS? And how in the world did they manage to write papers before the internet and the ability to Google search?

With the ease of technology always at our fingertips, it is weird to think of a world without it. Not just a world without cellphones but a world without the internet. You actually had to go to the mall to buy that top you were eyeing at the store. Or you had to order it from a catalog, by calling the company and talking to someone. You couldn’t schedule a pizza to be delivered to your door 24 hours from now. You couldn’t pirate movies. And yet, people were still able to go about their everyday lives.

We vaguely remember the days of calling land line to land line and our parents pouring over giant maps on road trips. Going to the library and checking out an encyclopedia and getting the paper delivered every morning. Sometimes it is easy to forget how easy we have it nowadays, but this clever BuzzFeed video shows us that it was definitely possible to do those mundane every day take for granted.

One thing we should definitely bring back though? The mix-tape. Nothing will ever beat that.

What every day task are you glad the internet is around for?