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In this hilarious video from the channel of Pete Holmes from “The Pete Holmes Show,” we find out some pretty upsetting news: Garfield, the amazingly fat tabby cat, should realistically be dead. In the episode, Holmes voices the character of Jon Arbuckle, who takes our favorite cat to the veterinarian, voiced by standup comedian Jamie Lee. Garfield is voiced by no one–already at the verge of death, the IRL cat lacks his ability to speak.

Holme’s video takes the “You folks have this confused. I’m real and you’re animated” feel that Garfield used to cackle at the beginning of his episodes and stomps on it. The veterinarian, appalled at Mr. Arbuckle’s claims that Garfield talks to him, prescribes him an anti-psychotic. As for Garfield’s love of lasagna, she shuns that, too:

Veterinarian: “Cats do not eat cheese, Mr. Arbuckle, they’re carnivores!!…He is going to die, do you understand?”

Arbuckle: “I think so. Are- are you recommending I put him asleep?”

Veterinarian:“What? No! I’m just saying you should stop serving your cat full trays of hearty Italian food that grandma used to make. He’s a cat, not a family of five at Buca di Beppo!”

Poor Garfield! Looks like lasagna no more…

It’s no wonder why Pete Holmes created this lighthearted Garfield spoof; the stand-up comedian and actor is a cartoonist himself, with work that has appeared in The New Yorker. Holme’s show, aired by TBS, premiered last fall, and has been well-received as a charming, goofy half-hour program filled with sketches, live comedy, and guest interviews. Holmes also hosts the podcast “You Made It Weird” on during which he talks with other comedians; clips of the best moments of the podcast can be found on his Youtube channel, which also features clips from his TV show and other funny episodes. I’m looking forward to watching “ScHoolboy Q And Pete Holmes Are More Alike Than You Think“…

What do you think about IRL Garfield?