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Lo and behold: the age-old question of many early 90s (and 80s) kids: Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore? Why all these crappy reality TV shows? We may have FINALLY been given a proper answer. The comedy channel, staring Brian Firenzi and Maria Del Carmon of 5secondfilms, has a series called “Ask a Network Head,” and in this installment, a female in her 20s just popped the question that everyone has been thinking since TRL went off the air. And it may not be the answer you were expecting. Take a look below:

So from what I can gather, maybe it’s a good thing that MTV doesn’t make music videos anymore. Because when you think about it, most of them are horrible anyways — though that may be the fault of our music-pirating generation. Oops.

Maybe you have a different answer, so we’ll pose it to you to answer in the comments:

Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore?