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Some students are brave souls who choose to go all out when it comes to homework. Others do what it takes just to get by. And then there are some who defy all laws of homework physics and blow everyone else out of the water. Julie Bryan and her classmate Adam are a perfect example of students who do just that.

Julie and Adam’s Spanish class was assigned a project that would put their use of the language on display, with the option of filming themselves being interviewed or singing a song in Spanish. And naturally, they said no to both options and decided to make a telenovela instead.

Said telenovela, entitled “El Amore de Mi Amante” was written and filmed by the pair with the help of Julie’s brother Johnny, her husband, Mitch, and their friend (who served as a ‘body double’) Rocky Ramon. It also featured commercials for fake perfumes and was “sponsored” by Taco Bell (not really) and they put shameless plugs for the fast food restaurant and specifically, Doritos Locos Tacos.

Imagine being the professor watching tons of boring interviews and song attempts in broken Spanish, and then tuning in to an entire mini telenovela? Obviously the students got A’s on this project, and the others, probably not so much. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you win at homework:

What’s the coolest homework win you’ve ever seen?


H/T Gawker