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Remember when your parents made you and your siblings (and maybe even the dog) wear matching Christmas outfits so they could take pictures of you to send to all of their friends? Well my parents still make me do that, and I can only hope all of you aren’t in the same boat.  Most of the time, Christmas cards are pretty lame, but every once in a while you open up the mail and find a diamond in the rough.  One year, me and my sister dressed up as wizards and sent out a “Harry Christmas” card.  I was pretty proud of myself for that one.

Now that the internet exists, and people turn to more advanced technology than greeting cards for things, the potential for better holiday greetings has grown exponentially.  This video, created by the Holderness family, takes the idea of a holiday greeting/newsletter to the next level.  The parents and the two kids are all dressed up in their matching Christmas jammies, and just hanging out on the front lawn, rapping about said jammies.  Once you get over the fact that the dad is a little obnoxious and the whole video is also just a shameless plug for their company and accomplishments, the video is pretty entertaining.  The kids are pretty cute and seem to be having a good time, so those parents really lucked out that they were able to get their kids to cooperate.  I like the part when the little girl points out that her dad’s jammies don’t fit right; I was thinking that the whole time. This really is a pretty awesome idea, I envy their creative holiday cheer.

What do you think of this Christmas card video?