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Today’s the big day, and whether you support Romney or Obama, you only get one chance to celebrate Election Day in college, and you should do so in style! If you don’t know what your plans are for election night or where to watch, you’re in luck. We here at CampusRiot have compiled a guide to watching the 2012 election results, so you can make the most of your voting party.

Check Your Campus

Most colleges have a lot of clubs, and a lot of clubs means a lot of events. Get these clubs on your radar for election night – it’s likely that somewhere on campus, a group is hosting a viewing party, complete with free food. If your school has a College Democrats or College Republicans group on campus, check with them. If not, check with your RA – they may have already planned an election night program or know where one is happening!

Plan Your Own Party

If you don’t have piles of homework to do and have space and a TV, plan your own last minute election night party. Text all of your friends when to come over, tune your TV in to the election coverage, and enjoy. Make sure you ask everyone to bring some money with them to pitch in for food, and order some pizza and wings for everyone to share while you wait for the fate of our country.

If you’d rather celebrate in a more low-key fashion or have work to get done, get some snacks to split with your roommate or a couple of friends and have a viewing/homework party.

In any case, don’t let Election Day slip by without a little celebration! After all, it only happens every 4 years.

Where to Watch:

If you’re tuning in via TV, here’s the whole lineup for tonight’s election coverage:

If you don’t have access to cable, here are your options for online streaming:

And if you want a breakdown of what’s happening as the results come in, head on over to Bing.

Where will you be watching the Election 2012 results tonight?

Featured image via TIME for Kids.