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In honor of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis totally killing it at the VMAs earlier this week, we decided to remind everyone of their humble beginnings. Back to a time when the ceilings could hold them just fine. Back when they thrifted in silence. Back when they were still crusaders for equality. A simpler and more carefree time. The time when they just wanted to dance. And cry. And laugh. And have a really, really, really good time.

And they did. Damnit! They did!

“Same Love” won best video with a social message, for good reason. It is a great song and it is something that our country seriously needs to work on. But politics aside, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been fighting for causes since the beginning. Sure, they are not always political or heavy hitting. Sometimes they are purely social issues. Social but important.

Are people dancing? Are people having a good time? What can we do to help them?

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis have always been looking out for us, even if we weren’t aware of it. Sure, they highlighted the penny saving ideas as to why we should all go thrift shopping once in a while. They pointed out that if you are at a party, put your hands up because 1) it is a cool dance move 2) you will be safe if the ceiling can’t hold you. For years now they have been making sure that we have the best time we can. And for that, we have to thank them.

So take a walk back to a few years ago, when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were less household names and more silent crusaders making sure our lives were as fun as they could be. Silent, but always there, watching out for us.