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When Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” came out in 2006, it became a huge hit (yes people, they’ve done more than just “Get Lucky”), so much so that one brave YouTuber, Fr. Eckle Studios, took to the internet in the summer of 2007 and created “Daft Hands” — a video in which the star is a dancing pair of hands with the lyrics to the Daft Punk hit strategically sharpied on and some smart choreography. The video basically blew people’s minds back in the day, and even made it’s way onto The Ellen Show. (That’s when you know it’s a big deal, right? I mean, if Ellen Degeneres approves…)

Re-watching this video, I still think it’s pretty epic and it’s definitely got the nostalgia factor, but I’m not sure how ‘mind-blowing’ it really is now. But I guess, in a world of HD YouTube videos and the likes of Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles (they’re harder, better, faster, and stronger…sort of), the awesome videos of the past are bound to be at least a little overshadowed and forgotten. If you don’t remember this video (and let’s face it, you should, because at only a few thousand views away from 60 million hits on YouTube, saying that “Daft Hands” is a “viral video” is an understatement) and you’re willing to keep in mind that this is a gem from the early days of YouTube, prepare to be astounded.

What’s your favorite throwback viral video?