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We all love llamas, right?  Of course we do!  My only question is, how could you possibly make llamas that much cooler?  That answer came in February 2009 when Jason Steele uploaded one of his more famous videos to YouTube, “Llamas with Hats”.

The short animated film follows two llamas–in hats of course–named Carl and Paul as they try to solve the murder of a stranger in their living room.  I still remember the first time I saw this video and I couldn’t stop laughing.  What makes the video is Carl’s nonchalant attitude towards the whole situation.  I must say, I give Carl a lot of credit for trying to push the situation aside by acting so oblivious to what was going on, although it failed miserably.  The dialogue is absolutely hilarious.  Though some may find it a bit weird, I can’t get enough of it.  And how could we forget the way Paul says Carl’s name?  “Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people!”  Contrary to what he may believe, Carl doesn’t suck, it’s just not possible.  So the next time you’ve got the rumblies, don’t fight the urge.  And remember, no llamas were harmed in the making of these videos–just the plethora of Carl’s victims.

If you liked “Llamas with Hats”, check out the sequels and much more on Steele’s YouTube channel, FilmCow.

Do you remember Llamas with Hats?