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For some, their 15 minutes of fame come and go at life’s most unexpected moments.  Thanks in large part to the Internet, we’re able to re-live those moments over and over again.

For Antoine Dodson, his moment came back in the summer of 2010 when he unexpectedly became immortalized in one of the greatest YouTube videos we’ve ever seen, the “Bed Intruder Song”.  In order to fully understand how Antoine Dodson came to be a household name, let me take you back to 2010.  The video features processed vocals of a WAFF-48 news story featuring Dodson describing a home invasion and attempted rape of his sister, Kelly.  The story was soon uploaded to YouTube and just two days later an auto-tuned song version of the real news report was released by The Gregory Brothers on their YouTube channel, Schmoyoho.  The video soon went viral and was even voted YouTube’s most popular video of 2010.

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Ever since the “Bed Intruder Song” made it’s debut in 2010, it has been viewed over 117 million times, and hasn’t shown any signs of dropping off anytime soon.  This video is a product of sheer genius, every time I watch it I can’t help but sing along.  Say what you will about the use of auto-tune, I can’t think of a single reason why people would not like this video.  First off, the song is so damn catchy, it’s almost contagious.  Secondly, I love how two of the Gregory brothers get in on the action with their own cameos, both of which give in to “Bed Intruder” fever and can’t resist but jam out.  Overall, it’s just an awesome and absolutely hilarious video.  But I think what is most incredible about this song is that it broke onto the Billboard Hot 100 of 2010, climbing as high as no. 89 at one point after selling over 30,000 copies.  Despite the video’s limited criticisms, it’s clear as to why it became as popular as it did and I’m glad we still get to enjoy it three years later.

If you’ve already seen the “Bed Intruder Song”, I strongly suggest you check out more of The Gregory Brothers videos on their YouTube channel.  Their versions of the 2012 Presidential Debates are absolutely hilarious–even if you’re not a fan of politics, you’ll appreciate these.  But first, let us reminisce on the video that started it all!

What is your favorite Schmoyoho video?

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