bag of money - college

College years are one of the best days during your lifetime but they can be grueling sometimes especially if you find your pockets or purse empty a few days after your monthly ‘stipend’ from home. It may also become embarrassing to continue calling your family to ask for more money especially when you have other siblings who are still at school. However, this should not mean you have to spend the whole day sulking in your little room. There are ways to get extra cash at college and below we share some of them.


One of the most common ways nowadays for college students to earn some money through betting. Thanks to technology, there are now many online casinos such as PayPal Casino that allow you to place bets in the comfort of your room. The beauty of today’s betting is that everyone can place bets on virtually anything. You do not necessarily have to be a sports fan to be a better as you now can place bets on political outcomes, entertainment, and celebrity news among others through the new novelty betting.


You can earn some big money online if you learn how to become an online stock trader or broker. This is definitely not for everyone as it needs some bit of skill but if you have what it takes, online trading is definitely the way to go.

Online workplaces

You can also use the skills you have or the ones you are learning at college to earn a decent income. There are many online workplaces today such as Fiverr,, and Upwork among others that allow you to do simple tasks for others in exchange for a payment. The tasks include writing blog posts, transcription, coding, website designing, graphic designing among others. The beauty of this is that you decide the price and you work at your own pace.


Another way of finding some extra cash during your free time at college is by signing up on online surveys that pay for your opinion. There are many sites such as Swagbucks, Toluna, Vivantic, OnepOll, Valued Opinions, My Survey, and You Gov among others. The surveys take different forms such as telling how a product works by testing new software, phones or websites. Online surveys do not take much off you and can be done at any time of the day.


Blogging is also another way you can start to generate some income, it also has the potential of paying big if you manage to focus and if you are good at it. There are many writing niches to choose from and it’s advisable you choose the one you are quite comfortable in and which you have much knowledge of. There are many niches to choose from such as cooking recipes, sports, entertainment, gossip, photography, travel and tourism, politics, economics, technology, bizarre stories, and environmental awareness among others. It may be difficult at first but once you get going, it’s a beautiful journey.