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Staying fit and active while being in school can be so demanding at times. Students often sacrifice both their physical and mental health in order to finish all their assignments and tasks that are related to academia. And while we’re fully aware of how hard it can be to find enough spare time to work out, it’s still one of the most essential things that you can do for your mind and body.

Not only will you feel much better physically, but you’ll also improve your cognitive functions and ability to learn and process new information. This is paramount for students of any level, so whether you’re still in elementary school, high school, or college, it’s strongly advised that you free up your schedule a little bit and put the sedentary lifestyle behind you. If you still think that this is almost impossible to achieve with your level of involvement in curricular or extra-curricular activities, we’re going to show you some ways to balance studying and staying physically active.

De-Clutter Your Personal Space

This is probably not something you expected to see so high on our list, but it’s actually paramount that you keep your room clean as much as possible. This gives you the opportunity to be physically active to a certain degree, while also utilizing the benefit of improved ability to focus and process information that clutter-free environment provides you.

Although cleaning up your room or personal space isn’t the most fun thing to do, doing some simple chores such as brisk vacuuming and doing laundry can be good for your health. You’ll be able to focus and study better in a de-cluttered space, and you’ll also get out of your chair and do something good for your body.

Walk Whenever You Have a Chance

This is something so simple yet effective that it’s really a huge pity that not more of us practice walking on a regular basis. We constantly feel like we’re late somewhere, that we opt for public transportation or cars to get around even when we’re not in a hurry at all. We become lazy in this regard that we forget about all the benefits that walking can give us.

Finding enough time for a dedicated workout can be a bit challenging at times, but walking should be something that you absolutely should or have to include in your daily life. You don’t need to go huge distances here, just slowly build up your routine. It’s recommended that you take at least 10,000 to 16,000 steps each day in order to maintain your weight, but it’s perfectly alright to start with fewer steps as well. Until you feel confident enough that you can walk as much as you like, use a pedometer to track your progress more easily.

Walking is great for exploring your surroundings, so you shouldn’t hesitate next time when you think about lacing up your walking shoes. It’s also much better for the environment than using a car or public transportation, which is something you definitely ought to consider giving up whenever you can.


Speaking of means of transportation that are good for the environment, nothing really beats biking in this regard. Not only is it much faster to get around by bike than by walking, but you’re also doing something good for our planet. It has become of utmost importance to seriously start controlling the carbon footprint.

We’ve already mentioned that you can travel some serious distances by bike, so why not include this physical activity to your regular routine? You can easily commute to and from school/college this way, and not to mention that you can even travel faster by bike than by car or bus, in some instances. Just make sure to do bicycle maintenance regularly, so you’re absolutely sure that you’re safe on your favorite two-wheeler, and that you’re getting the most out of your bike’s performances as well.

We don’t even have to mention just how beneficial to your overall health riding a college bike can be. You’ll get in great physical shape in no time, but you’ll also lose some extra weight and completely tone your body.

Develop a Mindset of Constantly Planning Ahead

One of the main problems that many students face is the lack of ability to plan things ahead. Constantly feeling like you don’t have enough time to do everything that’s on your schedule is something that you can actually work on. Improving in this area can be greatly beneficial not just for your mental and physical health, but for things in general, later in life.

For instance, if you feel like you simply don’t have time to incorporate gym visits into your daily routine, we recommend you to restructure your day, if possible. All the regular gym-goers know that there are certain periods during the day when the gym is less crowded. When you try to develop this mindset of constantly planning ahead, you’ll know that this is the right time for you to workout. Fewer people in the gym translates to less time waiting around for the machines to get free. And this means that you’ll be able to complete your workout much quicker than you would be if you were going to the gym in the busiest time of the day.

This is just one good example that shows you how time management skills work in favor of those who know how to plan ahead. A bonus tip would be to use the time that you dedicate to go to the gym to listen to some courses or podcasts that you would listen to later during that day in any case.

Find a Workout Partner

Another great way to make yourself become more physically active is to find a workout partner. This is something that’s especially important if you have trouble finding the motivation to workout alone. We’re all social beings, and some of us simply don’t function very well when we’re not in a group.

So, for those of you who need a company in order to get things done, we recommend you to find a buddy who’s willing to exercise with you. You can cheer for each other and positively influence one another. If one of you doesn’t feel like working out, for whatever reason, the other can inspire and propel the one who lacks motivation. Also, if you make a commitment to someone, you’ll have better chances of sticking to that plan.

The next time you think about calling your friend to go for a cup of coffee or a beer, suggest her or him to try exercising together instead.

Consider Joining a Club

If the social aspect of exercising is something which is really a deal-maker for you then you should most definitely consider joining a club. Having a friend to workout with is great, but it’s even better if you all join your like-minded peers and enthusiasts.

Luckily, there are myriad of different options to choose from, whether you’re in high school or college. You can try martial arts, yoga, rock climbing, dancing, basketball – you name it. The important thing is to find something that’s interesting to you and that you’ll regularly practice.

And if the first thing that you try doesn’t turn out to be as amusing or gripping as you hoped, don’t shy away from giving something else a shot. Those who find their life-long passions right away are rare, so we encourage you to stay open and further explore sports and other activities. It’s pertinent that you continue exploring until you find something that’s going to keep you active and engaged. Remember that as long as you move away from the sedentary lifestyle, you should be fine.

Pay Attention to Your Eating Habits

It’s important to note that being healthy doesn’t include just staying physically active, but you should develop healthy eating habits as well. Many students report that they simply don’t have time to cook their meals (or lack the necessary skills) and opt for junk food instead. But the sooner you realize that eating healthy doesn’t have to involve spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals, you’ll have a better chance of developing healthy eating habits.

Remember that eating the right food is also about the way you approach these things. This means that if you have this mindset where it’s simply unacceptable to eat bad food, you’ll find ways to feed your body with healthy, nutritious meals.

What you’re also going to notice pretty quickly is that your energy levels will stop fluctuating and will remain constant throughout the day. This is a good sign that your blood sugar levels have stabilized. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate and focus better on tasks at hand. On top of this, this sudden increase in energy will make other things, like exercising and staying active much easier for you. Drink plenty of water during the day and rest properly, and your whole life can dramatically change for a better.

The Bottom Line

In today’s day and age, students of all levels and ages tend to follow the footsteps of their predecessors and start leading a sedentary lifestyle from a young age. This can be detrimental both to their mental and physical health. That’s why it’s paramount that you find ways to balance studying and staying physically active.

In this article, we’ve talked about some tips on how to do this. Some of them are concerned with proper time management and developing the right mindset, while others are directly connected to becoming more conscious about one’s own health and the environment. We find all these things to be crucial for living a healthy, happy, and more fulfilled life overall.