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Okay, everyone take a big breath and clear your head. Yes, this weekend did happen. And yes, it is absolute chaos for the BCS formula. (Good thing computers figure all that out.)

Alright, so let’s try to figure this out as easily as possible.

Here’s a quick recap of the weekend and rankings:

LSU remains No. 1 in all polls after defeating Ole Miss handily.
Alabama jumps back to No. 2 in all polls after defeating Georgia Southern.
Arkansas jumps to No. 4 after taking care of Mississippi State.
Oklahoma State falls from No. 2 to No. 4 in the BCS after losing in overtime to Iowa State.
Virginia Tech climbs to No. 5 after barely beating ACC foe North Carolina.
Stanford falls to No. 6 after struggling to defeat Cal.
Boise State jumped three spots to No. 7 after beating San Diego State.
Houston, who remains undefeated, moved up to No. 8 after beating Southern Methodist University.
Oklahoma dropped four spots to No. 9 after losing to Baylor
And Oregon rounds out the top ten after losing to the University of Southern California.

So, there’s that. There are only two teams that remain undefeated: LSU and Houston.

Due to it’s schedule and where it ranks currently, Houston has no chance of making it to the BCS National Championship game.

If you are not an SEC fan, the most likely scenarios aren’t going to make you happy. The LSU-Alabama rematch becomes more and more possible with every game played. It’s almost as if college football wants them to play again. Oregon, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State sure seem to want it to happen.

So, if my research is right, LSU needs to beat Arkansas and win it’s conference championship against Georgia to make it to the national championship.

All Alabama really has to do is beat Auburn, which could be more of a struggle than many think. After all, it is the Iron Bowl.

And as for Arkansas, they need to defeat LSU. But, they could still be unable to get to the conference championship.

And if that were to happen, and LSU were to lose in the conference championship, the SEC could feature three teams in BCS bowls: Georgia to the Sugar Bowl and an SEC vs. SEC BCS National Championship.

Although all hope isn’t lost for Stanford, the top three teams have such a big lead in points, it would take another chaotic college football weekend. But then again, crazier things have happened.

So, once again, deep breaths everyone.

Photo courtesy of hyku via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).