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Let’s tick down the statistics that can be found on any glossy pamphlet or college information website before we get to the nitty gritty: the inside information only a student could share with you. Approximately 31,000 students study, attend lectures, and rush to print their papers out five minutes before class at the Paley library each semester at Temple U. 12,000 of those students live on campus in the heart of Philadelphia “the City of Brotherly Love” (cue Rocky music). Our mascot is the Owl because we started out as a night school to work around busy schedules earning the nickname “the Night Owls”. Hoot Hoot! Also, I feel it is important to note that the male/female ratio is almost 50/50. Everyone is a winner.

Temple Campus
(Photo via Temple University Admissions)

If a Temple Owl is at a sporting event and knows their team is about to win they brag by chanting “I BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE WON” before the buzzer signals the end of the game. Watch this video of us chanting right before we clinched the A-10 regular season title in 2012. Biiiig bragging rights.

Temple A-10 Champs
(Photo by Joseph V. Labolito via Temple News)

We have eight residence halls, but if you are lucky enough to live in our newest dorm, Morgan Hall, you have the privilege of pulling open your blinds and looking at this beautiful view of Philadelphia.

Skyline From Morgan Hall
 (Photo via Temple University Student Affairs)

We can laugh at ourselves. A student run Twitter account @TempleMakeouts receives hundreds of photo submissions per-day of people smooching during the day on campus, at a party, in the dining hall, etc. The best part? The kissers do not know their photo was taken. You can even Snapchat photos in!

Temple Makeouts

Every campus has dining halls, but as a college in the city we like to munch on food from trucks. Yes, you heard me right. Our streets are lined with permanently parked trucks cooking up tacos, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, crepes, grilled cheese, fruit salads, smoothies, cookies, Jamaican food, vegan treats, cupcakes, tater-tots, and sushi. Yum-O!

Wingo Taco
(Photo by Abi Reimold via Temple News)

If you want to be the director for Stepbrothers (Adam McKay), play Uncle Danny on Full House (Bob Saget), or be a Huxtable (Bill Cosby) you should probably attend Temple University because they did (and look how COOL they are). Just kidding, but check out the photo of a very handsome Bill Cosby when he was on the Temple football team. Also, he often speaks at graduation.

Bill Cosby Temple Football
(Photo via

Finally, the single most important piece of information about Temple University is that the ice cream trucks around campus often play music like this. Seriously.

Don’t you want to be a Temple Owl?