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I have to be perfectly honest with you before I even delve into this post — I have never watched Game of Thrones, ever. I haven’t even walked in on a few minutes of it. So basically, I am uneducated on the issues that occur between the houses, although I hear it is brutally violent in the best kind of way. However, Game of the Thrones took the cake this morning when the 65th annual Emmy Awards list of nominees was announced. This year, Game of Thrones is nominated for 16 awards, making it the most nominated of any drama series ever. Of course, where there is pop culture, there are are fan fanatics who get very into the hype. Well, one fan has created an internet-inspired version of the show with his artwork. Artist H. Caldwell Tanner recreated the house sigils as if various social media outlets and websites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Reddit were the houses. Here is what he came up with…


game of thrones house of facebook H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Google H Caldwell Tanner


Game of thrones House of wikipedia H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Tumblr H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Imgur H Caldwell Tanner




Game of Thrones House of DeviantArt H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Twitter H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Buzzfeed H Caldwell Tanner


Game of Thrones House of Reddit H Caldwell Tanner

Do you think these social media platforms are ready to fight to the bloody death for the throne? Tell us your thoughts!

All images via HiConsumption.