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You may not be planning to vote for Barack Obama for the upcoming presidential election in November. Heck, you may not be planning to vote at all — though we strongly advise that you exercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard. But Pro-Obama or Pro-Romney, you should be making your choices based on an understanding what’s been happening to our economy these past several years. In this “Why Obama Now” video created by The Simpsons and Family Guy animator, Lucas Gray, you get a chance to listen to a speech Obama made at the 2012 Associated Press Luncheon accompanied by a superbly constructed animation that visually explains everything Obama says in his speech (and oftentimes, at the expense of the Republican party).

Trickle-down economics is a Reagan-introduced topic that has been embraced by conservative governments for quite a while now. But considering the world-wide Occupy movement that took place last year, as well as obvious accounts of increasing economic disparity, it is obvious that something isn’t working. Check out the video below:


I am honestly in love with the little animated politicians placed here.

Why Obama Now Trickle-Down Economics Romney Ryan Plan

Lucas Gray even has a website that accompanies this video and sources all the facts he visualizes through charts. If this video goes viral, it might be all Obama really needs to clinch the election (in my opinion).

What are your thoughts on Gray’s “Why Obama Now” video?

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