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I know late night television doesn’t rank too high on the agenda of the average college student, but some big changes are coming to late night TV in 2014.  Amazing changes.  Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Jay Leno (many thanks to whoever was responsible for this.  Mmbyee, Jay Leno!) and bringing The Tonight Show back to New York for the first time in about 4o years.  Jimmy certainly has been a strong presence on the late night TV scene, and his musical parodies and his charm are just hysterical.  Fallon’s move meant that Late Night was in need of a new host, and I don’t know how to properly convey my excitement about who was chosen to take the reigns.  Seth Meyers!

If you don’t/have never seen SNL (that’s Saturday Night Live, although I hope nobody actually needed that clarification) then you probably have no idea who Seth Meyers is.   And that, would be a damn shame.  Meyers has been an SNL cast member for 13 seasons, and the head writer for 9 of those.  He has been anchoring weekend update for 8 seasons, and in my opinion, that segment has been one of the only reasons to actually keep watching that show as of late.  He did play a drunk guy for like 8 seconds in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist though, so you probs remember that, no?He is just so charming.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on how charming and adorable Seth Meyers is, ok?

Seth Myers weekend update(gif via tumblr

Two tid-bits of news about Seth Meyers recently have made me really sad.  First, he got married.  I knew it could never work, but deep down inside, I always had the dream that maybe someday…I digress.  Also, he was in the running to be Kelly Ripa’s new co-host after Regis left, but Michael Strahan was chosen instead.  When it first happened, I was sad, and I didn’t understand.  But now I do.  Seth’s destiny was far greater than this:

Seth Myers and Kelly Ripa(gif via tumblr)

Meyers will be taking over Late Night as of February 24th, but there is still a lot up in the air about what the format of the show will be, like what he will be borrowing from hosts of Late Nights past, and what new elements he will bring to the show.  Based on interviews he has being doing lately, such as his one with TIME magazine, for which he appeared on the first cover of the new year.

Seth Meyers TIME cover(image via)

By piecing together all of the articles and statements and promos that have been cropping up lately, we can start to get a decent-ish picture of how Seth is going to throw down.  First off, Jimmy Fallon’s thing was singing, and incorporating musical antics into the show.  That will NOT be Seth Meyers’ thing. Instead, given his Weekend Update experience, it is likely he will bring a more journalistic feel to the show.  Some are speculating it will be sort of like an NBC version of The Daily Show, and I think that would be a wonderful thing.  I basically get all my news from Jon Stewart anyway, it would be nice to have a second, extra adorable source of news too.

Weekend update 4 anchors(gif via tumblr

Another element of the show that will distinguish Meyers’ hosting from Fallon’s is the type of guest he wants to incorporate into the show. Jimmy Fallon hosted a lot of celebrity guests, like musicians and actors.  Meyers’ guests will likely be a little more low-key, people like authors and politicians.  Rumor has it, Meyers also wants to have members of the staff playing recurring roles on the show.  This would be a new addition to Late Night’s format, but definitely would draw on what he knows how to do well, like Weekend Update.  And apparently, if you want to host a late night TV show these days, you better have been an SNL news anchor first.

Something that is definite about the show is where it will happen.  The new studio is being built, and is conveniently located right down the hall from Meyers’ current/old job at SNL.  The first promo video for the show was released, and Seth so kindly gives us a nice little studio tour.

While everything other than the studio is like I said, still being determined, Meyers has been referred to as being “like a groom planning a wedding, he doesn’t yet even know if he’ll have a DJ or a band.”  You really had to go there with the wedding reference TIME Magazine, some of us are still healing.  One detail that we can be fairly sure about is that Meyers’ former “Update” co-anchor and wonderful woman, Amy Poehler will probably be the show’s first guest.  Not a bad choice.

Seth Meyers Amy Poehler guest(gif via tumblr)

Whatever Meyers does with the show, it will be a little more newsy, but probably just as funny as it was under Fallon, because Seth Meyers is a pretty funny guy.  I will be watching on the 24th and I really hope the new Late Night won’t let me down.  I don’t think it will.  You can check out this article if you are craving a little more info.

Will you watch Seth Meyers host Late Night?

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