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A few weeks ago, I was wondering if it was actually feasible for me to buy a car. (Stick with me here, I promise that this is relevant. But in case you’re curious: no, I did not get myself a car.) Then my friend suggested that I ask to inherit my mom’s old car. I was shaken by the thought, but he insisted that “the answer is always no until you try”. Ever since then, I’ve been answering all of my doubts with this quote. It’s inspired me to seize opportunities.

Do I have any chance of winning this contest?

The answer is always no until you try. One of my professors entered a draw for an iPad that he ended up winning. He didn’t even want the iPad to begin with, or so he claims. (Note: he’s now addicted to it.) Just because the chances are slim doesn’t mean that you should make the chances even slimmer by not entering.

Will this extra work pay off?

The answer is always no until you try. If you don’t do the extra work, it definitely will not pay off. If you do the extra work and it does pay off, great. If it doesn’t, at least you took the chance. But like the above example, you won’t have any chance of reaping the benefits of the extra work unless you actually do it.

Will the members of this new club like me?

The answer is always no until you try. You can’t make friends if you’re not there, so attend the meetings and events. Too often, I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to go to a club meeting or attend one of their club’s social events because they don’t know anybody there. At least attending will give you a higher chance of making new friends!

So what does this have to do with seizing opportunities? Just last week, I received an email with a call for philosophy papers to be submitted to an undergraduate conference. I don’t think that my writing is strong enough to get selected for something as awesome as this, but I figured, the answer is always no until you try. If I don’t submit a paper, I have no chance of getting selected. I may as well give it a shot.

Will you begin to seize opportunities?

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