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So with my new-found love of paid work, I’ve been trying to talk myself into / out of (depending on my mood) buying a used car for the school year. I hope that posting this on the Internet will encourage me to save my money and be less broke during the school year.

It’s another bill that you really don’t need.

Remember around February when you were completely broke, exams were coming up, and you were living off of ramen noodles? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay insurance on your car and use that insurance money for…you know, real food? Yeah. Also, think about the price of car maintenance! That shit cray.

Gas is expensive.

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(GIF via Tumblr)

Driving is convenient, but you have to pay every single time you go anywhere – you just don’t notice it because your gas tank isn’t empty yet. Then you go to the gas station to fill up and poof, there goes $80. Now isn’t that just a little sad? It’s like listening to your money scream “WHYYYYYYY” as it funnels into your gas tank.

It’s more dangerous. Seriously, hear me out.

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You know those mornings when you’re trekking to class and you’re so tired that you’re not really sure what’s going on? Then you blink really hard about an hour later and wonder how on earth you actually made it to the right lecture hall? Imagine being that clueless and out of it, but steering your own vehicle. What a terrifying thought.

So in sum: cars are expensive and dangerous. Right? …Right?

I should write a post about why you should buy a car next week. You know, just to be fair.

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Image courtesy of Hugo90 via Flickr (CC-BY-2.0).