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Don’t kill me. I love my professors. I think some of my profs like me too. The thing is though, your profs are not your friends. Sure, they’re friendly, but they’re not your friends. Here’s why.

They’re fair.

People complain all the time about their profs being unfair with their marking scheme. They disagree with your point of view, so they gave you a lower mark. They don’t like what you say in class, so they mark your essay harder. The flip side is that they marked so-and-so easier because they like so-and-so because so-and-so is the teacher’s pet. Well fortunately, this usually isn’t the case. Most of my profs don’t even know my name (and I’ve been going to their office hours all year). I have never gotten an undeserved mark, high or low.

Everything is about work.

When your profs praise your work, they’re usually talking about something related to academics. When you start talking about something outside of your major, or outside of the course even, your profs tend to cut you off. They’re busy. They want you to do well in the course, but that doesn’t mean that they actually have time to listen to you talk about your summer plans. That’s not what profs do, at least not in their role as your prof.

They have better things to do.

Profs are often researchers for the college as well. They have their own projects that they work on outside of class – and we know all too well that there are some profs who only teach because they have to in order to do their research at the college.

Consolation: Your profs still think you’re pretty cool.

Your profs probably respect the work that you do, and they want you to do well in school. They just don’t go out and have beers with you, or text you, or hug you when you’re upset. That’s what friends are for.


Image courtesy of jessleecuizon via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).