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Last night, Directioners got a huge surprise when Midnight Memories, the band’s third studio album, leaked a week earlier than its originally intended release date. Twitter exploded at the news, and I was a little concerned by some of the reactions fans had to the leak. From “I’m so excited I could die,” to “I’m so not ready for this to happen, I can’t handle surprises,” the reactions were priceless. Now, I’m a grown woman. I tried with every part of who I am not to like them… yet, I can’t help myself. I listen to them at work, at the gym, all the time (as I write this, “Save You Tonight” is blaring from my headphones).

Whether you’re going to wait until the album’s release to listen to the tracks, or caved and found a leaked copy, all fans know that these guys are just a bunch of hooligans looking to have some fun. There is no scientific proof that these boys would be the absolute best people to party with in college, but I’m willing to bet that they would be.

Well first off, they’re not bad to look at…

One Direction(GIF via Tumblr)


one direction 2(GIF via Tumblr)


1D(GIF via Tumblr)

Okay, seriously. Look at these hooligans.

Teenage Kicks(GIF via Tumblr)

Imagine the drunk dancing.

One D 3(GIF via Tumblr)

dancing(GIF via Tumblr)

Niall will most definitely join you on the dance floor.

Niall(GIF via Tumblr)

Look at those hips.

The drunken excuses would be golden.

tumblr_mw1enlQQhw1rmk61uo8_r2_250(GIF via Tumblr)

Liam(GIF via Tumblr)

funny-jokes-tumblr-blog(GIF via Tumblr)

If you’re a little embarrassed, you know Harry will be silly with you.

tumblr_mwgsgeBaQ51smd006o1_500(GIF via Tumblr)

Walking with heels on? No judgement if you face plant. Zayn’s got your back.

Zayn(GIF via Tumblr)

At least you’re not the only one getting carried home.

tumblr_mwggpsFmtD1s2wjako1_250(GIF via Tumblr)

If you fall down, it’s okay. They’ve been there.

tumblr_inline_mwgmzxy3gF1s2q1m6(GIF via Tumblr)

And it wouldn’t be too bad to wake up to this the next morning.

tumblr_mwd43tYQpb1rvbx5bo1_500(GIF via Tumblr)

Now let’s admire these talented, gorgeous, hilarious boys one more time.

one direction smile(GIF via Tumblr)


Would you party with One Direction?

Featured Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images