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Now that it’s officially summer, you may still be on the lookout for a summer job.  If you’re like most college kids, you pretty much have a few options of where you can work.  There’s working at a summer camp, being a salesperson in a clothing store or working in a fast food restaurant.  As someone who has adorned the Wendy’s uniform, I’ve experienced what it’s like to work at the register, clean the tables, and cook french fries on a daily basis.  Anyone that takes on the job of working at a popular fast food joint knows that there are a lot of things you learn from the job, a lot of things you consider after performing the job, and a lot of things you are going to want to erase from your brain when the job is done.  While the job may be tiresome, the pay is worth it, and surprisingly so is the knowledge and life lessons that you’ve gained from the job.

It’s always nice to be nice:

I can’t tell you how many times it was just nice to have someone talk to you in a polite manner, give you a smile, or just ask you how your day was.  When you’re multi-tasking from taking orders and making food, you get stressed at times, and when a customer is being cooperative and pleasant towards you, it goes a long way.

Patience is key in life:

Until you’ve had take someones order when they’re ordering 6 to 8 items off the menu and asking for changes to be added, you won’t realize just how much patience is needed in everyday life.  You’ll also learn to then appreciate when people are being patient with you in life.

Your views on fast food employees will change:

Now that you’ve been behind the counter and have had to deal with rude people and mixing up orders, you can truly appreciate other people’s jobs when you’re ordering your own food from a fast food place. You’ll appreciate that they got your food in a timely order, will treat them with respect, and you’ll understand if they mess up what you wanted because you’ve been there before.

Trying something new can be a good thing:

I know that when I took the job at Wendy’s I thought I wouldn’t last a week, but I learned that I could take on tasks that made me uncomfortable or nervous.  You feel accomplished facing your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone, and it’ll make you want to try something new all the time.

So whether you’re working at a fast food restaurant or doing some other summer job, just know that there’s always something to learn and gain from a work experience.  No matter how bad it may seem at the time, a summer job can help you grow as a person, and learn to appreciate people more.

Do you work at a fast food restaurant? Do you have any tips?