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Being a college student means being overloaded with classes, parties, going home every once in a while, and making sure you maintain a social life. But someone in between those times, it might be good to scrounge up some time to go to the gym and spend some time on you.

Part of this includes getting serious about your workouts. If you dedicate your time to your body and to getting into shape, you’ll be able to live a healthier life. Everything comes with a price, which is the Achilles heel to college students because we’re always broke. But this is an investment in your future. You’ll thank yourself later.

Here are a few tips:


It might be a good idea to give yourself an extra boost and buy something that will give you the energy to work harder at the gym. An example of that would be Cellucor’s C4 Extreme, which can be found here.

It comes in a variety of delicious flavors and gives you a great boost before your workouts, especially in the mornings.


Protein shakes serves as great supplements for helping you build muscle faster. Having a serving right after you workout will give you more of a chance to get fit. A great generic and cheap option would be GNC’s Gold Standard 100% Whey, which can be found here.

These range in size and flavor as well, although I would go with the chocolate because it tastes the best out of all of them. Trust me, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a flavor that you haven’t tried before and then you have to use it all. Chocolate is your best bet!

Workout regimen

It’s a good idea to dedicate 3 or 4 times throughout the week that you can go to the gym. This creates a consistency in the amount of time that you’re active each week and your body will be able to get used to being worked all the time.

With each visit to the gym, you’re going to want to focus on a certain part of your body. You’re always going to want to switch it up each time you go. For example, you could work your upper body at one workout, your lower body at another workout, and you can do cardio for another workout. Or you can mix cardio into both upper and lower body workouts, and work your core for one workout. There are quite a few different combinations that you can do for your workouts. But whatever you do, make sure that you give your body enough time to rest afterward.

One thing to keep in mind that being healthy goes outside of the gym too. You have to eat the right foods and limit the amount of fatty or sugary foods and drinks your body takes in. Most importantly, you have to stay hydrated. Drink water with every meal and invest in a good-sized water bottle that you can carry with you to your classes or to your job.

Maintaining motivation

This is something that many people struggle with. Most people will be motivated for the first few weeks of trying to be healthy and then they break down and go back to their old ways. But resist the temptation! You have to remember that not many good things in life will come easy, this being one of them. Find a way to motivate yourself. Give yourself a reward every once in a while. And surround yourself with people who will motivate you to continue your healthy lifestyle. The best thing you can have is a support base. Trust me, it will get hard. But if you have a great support system and you maintain your motivation, you shouldn’t have any problem.

What are some other healthy lifestyle tips that you have to add?

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