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Writing application essays has to be the hardest part of the college admission process. You have already taken the standardized tests and your GPA is fixed. You’ll get few recommendation letters and fill in the application form without any serious obstacles. The only thing that stands on your way is the admission essay, which has to be great if you want to present yourself as a candidate that every college would like to have on campus.

The scholarship essay is a story of its own. You have to consider the requirements of different programs and present yourself as a suitable candidate. The following list of tools will help you write scholarship essays and admission essays!

Essay Structure

You won’t achieve success by submitting a confusing paper that lacks proper structure. The basic essay format works effectively for completing admission and scholarship essays. This chart provided at the website of Monash University will keep your content focused.

Ninja Essays

Paper writing service Ninja Essays is a great solution for college and scholarship applicants who face serious obstacles during the process of essay writing. You can collaborate with real writers, who will assist you along the way and help you increase your chances of getting accepted into the school of your choice.

Essay Forum

If you have any question about essay writing in general, this is where you’ll find the answer. Feel free to use the search option before you post a thread — someone has probably faced the same issue and got an answer by the forum members. You can even use this website to get feedback on the drafts you’ve written.

This is a collaborative and supportive community of writers with different skills and interests. If you are willing to deal with constructive criticism, feel free to ask for advice. The membership at this website is free and you’ll benefit from it not only during the admissions, but throughout your college education as well.

Story 2

Story 2 has a specific aim: To help you write better admission essays. This is a writing course based on the Moments Method, which has helped many college applicants construct successful essays.

Statement of Purpose

This site offers tips, sample essays, exercises and prompts that will help you understand what universities and colleges expect to see in an application. The available resources can help you write great admission essays, as well as fellowships and scholarship applications.

Today’s Best College Essays

This section of the Teen Ink website is a very useful source of inspiration. Remember one thing: You must never copy or rewrite other people’s essays. The papers featured here can serve as an example, but your admission essays should be based on your personal experience, interests and qualities.

How to Write a College Essay

This guide breaks down the different aspects of a successful college essay. The tips may seem theoretical in the beginning, but they will lead you towards completing a specific, clear, and concise admission essay.

10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay

Before you start writing the paper, you need to know what exactly you’re supposed to deliver. This guide provided by US News will set you on the right track. Your admission essays should be accurate, coherent, and vivid. This guide will show you how to achieve that.

How to Write a Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay is different from the admission papers you write according to the requirements of different colleges. This guide, provided by, informs you about the standards you need to achieve in order to be considered as a suitable candidate for a particular program.

Preparing Scholarship Essays: Tips & Advice
This page by the National Society of High School Scholars share scholarship application tips, including 7 fundamental guidelines when preparing scholarship essays. Students can also explore tips on how to ask for recommendation letters as well as preparing resumes for scholarship applications.

Regardless of the tools and guides you use while working on your application essays, you should always keep in mind that this process requires a lot of time. Start writing as soon as possible!

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