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Let’s pretend it’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’ve just woken up from your nap after a late brunch. You’ve finally recovered from a late Saturday night, so you start going through your classes to figure out if you have anything due tomorrow. You’re not too worried because your professor didn’t mention anything last class for you to remember, and then, it hits you. You have a 10 page paper due. Tomorrow. That “oh shit'” feeling hits. You do one of two things. The first being to procrastinate until 8pm, hoping to finish the 10 pages before midnight (lol, not happening). The second being to start the paper right after your nap around 4pm. Either one you choose, you’ve procrastinated ’til the last day and staring at that blank Word document won’t make it any easier.

In honor of this dreadful experience we’ve all had, here are 9 moments you have before writing a long paper.

1. Looking at the new document say “words: 0” at the bottom left.


GIF via Giphy

With every new Word doc you open, it will never get better.

2. Remembering a REALLY good passage to cite.

writing a long paper

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And spending 45 minutes looking for it. WHY didn’t I use a highlighter??

3. Messing with the order of the heading.


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Name, date, class, assignment? Name, class, assignment, date? Name, class, date, assignment?

4. Thinking: How many spaces between the title and the first paragraph?

*see above GIF… we still don’t know. Mysteries of academic papers.

5. Coming up with a title.

writing a long paper

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Because the logic of making a title after you write it never, ever happens.

6. Writing your first paragraph!

finger guns happy

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Three hours after you started.

7. Rereading your first paragraph.

face palm

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Did I seriously write this?

8. Trying to make an outline.


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And then you realize you should probably come up with an idea of what to write about first…

9. Finally, the words are flowing.

study sleep

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Except, it’s going to be an all-nighter.

How do you manage a writing a long paper?