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It’s that time of the week again! WTF Wednesday is back with some more seriously weird and hilarious pictures about college life. While we probably shouldn’t be encouraging you to procrastinate, we know how much you enjoy looking at these wacky, awkward, totally ridiculous photos. Plus, we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t enjoy taking a break to sift through the internet in search of crazy college antics captured on camera. So, procrastinate away. And, if you need some help getting back into the studying spirit once you’re done, we’ve got your back too. Check out this week’s roundup of college pics (but they’ll probably leave you asking, “WTF?”)

College life, where…

…Mustaches are must-haves

wtf college life mustache

…Signs are important

wtf college life sink

…Boredom defies physics

wtf college

…You use the buddy system to sleep in class

wtf college sleeping in class

…Prank wars are unmatched

wtf college life water prank

…Algebra jokes make you seem clever

wtf college foil plan

…Real furniture is hard to come by

wtf college life

…Sometimes you win

wtf college english final

…Sometimes you fail

wtf college life keg tv

…And in the end, your one true love is the Internet

wtf college internet

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