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Aah, college life, you never cease to amaze us. Students on campus and off campus alike are talented in the art of “WTF?” – they always manage to get involved in the strangest antics (and they always film it – they never learn!) We’ve seen many an awkward (and hilarious, crazy, weird, strange, etc…) picture representing what bored college students are capable of and they never seem to run out of crazy ideas that we just can’t even fathom. WTF Wednesday is our attempt at explaining these weird, crazy, inexplicable photos. Go easy on us; we’re trying.

College life, where…

…You find creative ways to hide your beer

wtf college life refrigerator

…You engage in risky behavior

wtf college test answer

…Walls are your enemies

wtf college life broken wall

…Food is your friend

wtf college sandwich

…Printing is serious business

wtf college printer sign

…You take your fandoms to new levels

wtf college star wars r2d2

Do you have any hilarious college pics you’d like to share?
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