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We’re back with another installment of WTF Wednesday, AKA your weekly dose of awkward, ridiculous, totally crazy, weird, and hilarious photos from around the interwebs that depict the stranger side of college life. If finals week left you in need a laugh, you’re in luck. But if you’re home for winter break, you might not want to show these pics to your parents. They might start worrying about you a little more…Check out this week’s WTF Wednesday roundup!

College life, where…

…Spelling is only important in papers

wtf college life ping pong tournament

…Finals requires more than just a to-go cup

wtf college life starbucks

…The answer is always Red Bull

wtf college life red bull

…Drinking during finals is totally acceptable

wtf college finals drinking

…Exams make you just want to give up

wtf college life finals

…You get way too excited for winter break

wtf college life holidays christmas tree

Happy holidays!

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