Happy New Year! (Good luck not writing “2012” in the date for the next 3 months…) We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the New Year than to reflect on the past so we decided to round up our favorite WTF Wednesday college life pics (you know, in case you missed them) to make hump day a little more bearable. We don’t know what else to say other than, enjoy!

College life, where…

…Duct tape always comes in handy

wtf college life duct tape

…Toast is serious business

wtf college signs

Very serious business

wtf college life toast

…Pokemon are still there for you

wtf college signs pokemon

…You meet your real friends

wtf college sleeping class

…It’s okay to be a little creepy

wtf college organic chemistry

 …Quidditch + beer pong = success

wtf college life beer pong

…Sometimes life feels like a zoo

wtf college engineering signs

…Caffeine is life

wtf college life starbucks

…Sometimes you just feel like hanging out

wtf college life

…Quarters are the most important form of currency

wtf college funny signs

…You develop mad beer pong skills

wtf college life beer pong

…Carol still makes bad life decisions

wtf college yolo carol safety goggles

…You learn valuable problem-solving skills

wtf college life

…Ramen is the only thing keeping you alive

wtf college life ramen

…Sometimes you’re in the wrong major

wtf college english major fail

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